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100% natural skincare regime + Gentle skin exfoliation + Organic  + Suitable for vegans + Chemical-free

Great for Your SKIN, the Environment & Your Wallet

At Konjac Sponge NZ, we’re passionate about providing our customers with a superb facial cleansing sponge, teamed with our exceptional customer service. Discover why you should choose Konjac Sponge NZ today.

Beautiful skin has never been easier thanks to the 100% natural Konjac Sponge! Available as a single sponge or as a money-saving yearly subscription!


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I adore this sponge. It's super gentle but removed makeup and dead skin cells really efficiently. Perfect for those with sensitive skin who can't use peeling. Personally use it in the morning on its own and in the evening with a drop of cleanser.

Maribeth C

I have rosacea and after only a week of using the amazing konjac sponge it's improved so much. My skin feels and looks so much better. This is something I will no longer live without! A game changer!

Jayne L

The Sponge is great to take off your make up & mascara with a cleanser. You can also massage your face with it without harming the skin. I have just received my second sponge as they last about three months which makes it great value for money & just rinse it out & let it dry.

Katy Mark

I was curious to try these sponges and at the price I was happy to give it a go. Pleased I did! Lovely super soft texture to the sponge which feels fabulous on my face and feel it leaves my skin feeling super super clean and soft. 

Nicky L

I use my usual cleanser first and then use the sponge after that. It leaves my face feeling really clean. I especially like the fact that it's so gentle I can use it around my eyes.

Amy Kapoor

When I bought this I didn't expect much from it. Thought it would be just a gimmicky thing. But honestly it does work. It makes my face so radiant after i use it. Leaves my skin soft and smooth. Helped heal my hormonal blemishes a lot quicker. As I have quite sensitive and thin skin initially when I used, it felt like a layer of my skin was removed.